Wednesday, November 30, 2011

vintage, antique, just plain old...and lovely.

Any way you look at it, these are old but lovely.

Over Thanksgiving, we visited Jeff's Grandma and other family.

So, in tribute to "GG" (as Jarrett calls her), here are some things that have seen many days and nights...

Pictures of Jeff's Grandma & Grandpa....  These aren't the best copies, but they are vintage...and I feel privileged that I have this little bit....

Jeff's Grandpa died in an accident when the kids were young....  GG raised 4 kids as a single parent - I can't even imagine it.  But you do what you have to as a parent.


Why, oh WHY would you want an 80 year old outhouse at the beginning of your driveway?  But they love antiques and that this would be the perfect place for the garbage a backhoe was used to move this thing.  I didn't even ask if it was empty...I didn't really want to know the answer.

But Jarrett got to "drive" the tractor.  He was excited!


I don't really want to call GG "just plain old", but that is what Jarrett called her.  Not out of disrespect, but when I told him who we were visiting, his response was, "is she the really old one?".

Out of the mouths of babes....


When you go on a trip like this it puts things in perspective.

GG sold her house this summer and is now in a retirement facility.  Most of her things are not with her - they are in boxes at her son's house or disbursed to other family.  She has her necessities, her Bible, her kitty, her chair.  She is ok with it all - I think she actually enjoys it more than she thought she would.

When you think about your life and all the "stuff" you think you need - in the end it doesn't really matter.  You can't take it with you.

What matters is the relationships you make, the impact you have on the lives of your family and loved ones, what you did for Jesus.  This is what makes up your legacy.  Not your financial status or things you filled your home with.

I need to learn this again and again I think.  Thanks GG for the life lesson.

with love,

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