Friday, September 20, 2013

Art Appreciation 101: My Life, My Inspiration

There are two Georgia O’Keeffes. They’re closely related, but one is far more interesting than the other.
-Holland Cotter, New York Times, 2009 

Sometimes I feel the same way about myself - that part of me is far more interesting than the other.  I have always been interested in lots of things, educated in some, good in others, terrible in lots; but in all of it, having fun.  Tonight, the artist in me got to come out.

Together with my sister-in-law and friend, the three of us headed out on a new adventure of painting on canvas.  Rochelle, gifted in art; myself and Stacy, just beginners.  Tonight was our 1st experience (and definitely not our last) with Brushes and a Bottle.

Starting out with smiles and a blank canvas, we quickly transformed into our "other" self as we painted a masterpiece in white.   My comfort level that a masterpiece was a sure thing quickly altered as the process from white to color made my artsy-fartsy self a bit nervous.

Greens - that was comfortable, even fun.  Red...possibility is and yellow...I'm scared!

Black and is this all going to work.  Yes, I got out of my chair and stepped back to "appreciate" my art.  The water jar become my best friend many times during the evening.

Somehow, it all came together.  And the smiles never left our faces all night.  I loved the giggles from the older ladies behind us.  They reminded me that no matter my age, art is timeless and fun with my friends helps keeps me young.  Our instructor, Rachel, was amazing.  We really got to experience the fun in the art - not worrying about whose was better, closer to the real "Poppy, 1927".  It wasn't reproduction, it was inspiration.

 Many times, with the day-in, day-out, I forget that I need inspiration.  It helps me keep fun in my life.  Not worrying about bills, budgets, reconciling, making sure the lights are turned out, laundry, cooking, etc.  I need inspiration for me.

How many times have I caught myself this week alone, sounding tired and irritated, at nothing really.  Irritated to get shoes on, irritated to get ready for school, irritated to get ready for bed, rushed to go here, rushed to go there.  There is no joy in my voice, no appreciation for life, no inspiration for any "little" to want to be like me.  Maybe now, when I get ready in the morning, or actually take the time for a bubble bath, I will look up and remember to "appreciate" my art, my life, my loves.

The first thing I did when I got home was hang it.  It deserved to be hung - not for the quality of art I created, but for the quality of inspiration that was and is so desperately needed in my day-to-day.

"But O’Keeffe’s stake in it was not commercial or social or formal. Abstraction was simply the only kind of art, she said, that let her express her deepest feelings."

Maybe that is why art, writing, blogging, photography, cooking, the things I'm both good and terrible at all the same time, are my ways to express my deepest feelings.  Most you read here; a few are just for me.  

Until the next class.....

with love,
Mommy Tam-Tam

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