Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Making a Difference

This morning, my son and I met at the flag pole before school.  We prayed for his school, our country, our leaders and our friends.  He prayed for his teachers and firemen and military who protect us.  He prayed his friends have a good snack day and fun at recess.  He prayed what was in his heart.  And that melted my heart.

Too many times to count, I find myself "busy" with things that seem important at the time.  Busy with work, busy with dinner, busy with laundry...the list goes on and on.  I want to make a difference, however, in all of my craziness, many times I miss what "should" keep me busy with.   So today, as we prayed before school at his school's flagpole, and I saw a glimpse of what was in his young heart, God reminded me that in my lack, He fills in the voids.

He fills in my voids with my husband, our church, our leaders, our teachers and our families.    My friend recently shared a quote, "If the relationship we have with one another is only in formal settings, then we simply have a crowd and not a community."  We all need relationships because we need "someone" to fill in our cracks.

My son is growing and learning every day.  I'm so thankful for my church, for his school and for our family who fill in my cracks.  His teacher at school starts out the day with the Kindergarten Creed.

This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.  Today, I will grow as Jesus grew, becoming strong in my spirit, in my mind and in my body.  God is working in me to act according to His good purpose.  I am made in His image.  I am a child of God because Jesus is my Lord.  God's love has been placed in my heart.  Everywhere I go, I plant seeds of love.  People are blessed because of my life.  I am bold, strong, able and very courageous.  I will do great works.  I fear not for God is with me.  I am thankful to God I live in America and I will always speak well of it.

While this is not all (there are 2 more sections to learn), they memorize this and recite it daily - and it is in his heart.  He is living this out and teaching me along the way.

Yesterday his devotional at school was about sharing God's love.  He wanted to do it that day!  He is bold in his faith.  There was music that neighbor kids are playing; the type of music with bad words and things we don't listen to.  He comes up with the idea of playing his music instead, outside, so they can hear God's love.  Driving home last night, he has his window down, praise music up, worshipping God.  He wants his friends to know God loves them.

His faith is simple, but that is how it should be.  Childlike faith.  I think we complicate it.

I think I complicate a lot of things lately.  Just watching my husband, how he takes time to simply explain his daily things to Jarrett, I learn a lot.  He is kind and gentle with our son.  He brings a sense of confidence and peace in our home when I rush in with a flurry.  He is a great example to me and I'm so blessed to have him as a husband and father to my son.

The Kindergarten Creed is now going to be my creed.  I need it in my heart just as much as he does.

...God's love has been placed in my heart.  Everywhere I go, I plant seeds of love.  People are blessed because of my life...

with love,
Mommy Tam-Tam

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