Friday, September 20, 2013

Keeping it in perspective....

Being a momma is one of the most difficult and most rewarding tasks I've ever had.  I remember before he was born.... oh how perfect of a parent I would be.....of course to my perfect child...who never disobeyed....who would never talk back....who would eat all vegetables....

...and then came delivery...and everything changed.

Sometimes it seems so difficult to penetrate all the way to the heart....How do you get it in there?  Where do the attitudes come from?  Why is this so easy some days and so challenging the next?

One thing I've really come to realize this week in my "mommy-ness" is that the best thing I can do, is give him Jesus.

- I can't preach it, although my speech should reflect His Word
- I can't force it, although I must enforce discipline just as God corrects those He loves
- I can't expect him to live it, if I don't live it first
- I can't just sing it on Sunday, worship must be everyday for us - for me, and for him

While I can have plans for him to grow and develop and expect great things, ultimately, his Heavenly Father knows the thoughts and plans HE has for him.....and that is really all that matters.

What doesn't matter?
- how he wants to do his hair
- how he wants to dress (mis-matched)
- what he wants to dress up as for harvest party
- that he may not eat his vegetables everyday

What does matter?
That I love all of it, with everything, to the moon and back again.  And as much as I love him and show him that...he needs to know that Jesus loves him even more.

keeping it in perspective....

with love,
Mommy Tam-Tam

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