Thursday, December 8, 2011

We've Been Jingled....

Today seemed a little tough - ok, to be REAL, it was just plain stressful.  It seemed like in every area, I was stressed.  By the time I walked through the door tonight, I was one big, tight ball of knots and kinks.  I'm so thankful for my husband taking care of dinner tonight for us.

But then things turned around.

A little "tap, tap tap" on my door and then  - SURPRISE.

A package was left on my front door with little note.

You've Been Jingled!

The Christmas Elf is jingling around.
Ringing the bells of the homes he has found.
Leaving some goodies for a happier season.
Continue this jingling, you have a good reason.

First, post this Elf near your front door.
Please do it soon or you may get some more!
This will let the other Elves know of your visit.
Be sure to participate, you don't want to miss it!

Second, make two goodies & two copies
Deliver them to two neighbors, try to stay calm.
Jingling the door bell, its certainly fun,
To act like an Elf and then Run, Run, Run!

Next, you have only one day to act, so begin.
Leave it at a door where the Elf hasn't been.
Deliver when the time is just right.
Ring the doorbell and stay out of sight!

The Jingling Elf wants to bring everyone Joy
Visiting the homes of good girls and good boys.
This is all in good fun and we are trying to say,
Have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

That was it - GAME ON!

Jeff and I ran around our house looking at what we could put together for a little basket to leave on someone else's door.   Some football cozies, a sleeve of golf balls, candy, Carmel corn - yep, the baskets filled nice and fast.

I made Jeff be the elf and run around the neighborhood looking to see who we could surprise (after all, it is downright frigid out now).  So off he went in this beanie and shorts with flashlight in hand.  He did kinda look like an elf (but shhhh.....we won't tell him that).

Tap Tap Tap
Laugh Laugh Laugh

What a way to brighten my night - a little bit of good neighborly holiday magic.  

Yes, I'll take it any day!

With love,

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