Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just the 2 of Us

We recently went on a little fun trip.  "We" meaning just Jeff and me.

I can only imagine that there are other women out there who feel guilty leaving their kid(s) while you go and have fun.  I personally really struggle with this.

I mean, after all, it was by the grace of God that I have a son.  So long trying to get pregnant and stay pregnant.  Every moment I have with him I cherish...(ok, let's get real - I try to cherish.  But I do get frustrated more than I want to admit and at times lose my "saintly mommyhood").

But leaving, on a date, OVERNIGHT?  are you kidding me?

Yes, we did it.

And it was so needed.

Just recently some friends of our reminded me how important this is.  Without our alone time as a husband and wife, life starts to just go through the motions.  It's easy to let relationship slip and habit take over.

That's not the life I want - one purely out of habits and motions.

I want real.
I want relationship.
I want us.

And it was fun.

Like the humor we found when taking a picture of this theater.

I took it because I loved the vintage sign.

But then when we walked around the corner....guess what we saw?

If you are Catholic, please don't take offense.  It was just so comical to me to see Nuns right across the street from this signage.

You see, its funny moments like this that create memories that you can laugh at again and again.  But unless you spend the time together to discover them and make them - memories are replaced with motions.

So we took the time - 24 whole hours of just us.
We window shopped through the streets downtown and saw some great things.
Like this chair made out of forks and spoons in a coffee shop.

We lingered in the Fireside for a cup of coffee.

Of course, Jeff was wearing his Zags shirt - so we met lots of people who wanted to talk a little basketball.  
 It seemed everyone in Spokane is a fan of the Zags.  And most people don't get to watch them.  Hearing everyone's curiosity and even jealousy of how we got tickets made me realize just how fortunate we were.  
Even more so that I was going to an ORU game (Alumni for me).  Even though we were opposing teams, really I couldn't lose either way.

We really were blessed.  
Tickets (5th row center court) - a gift from a business relationship
The Historic Davenport Hotel - a door prize he won at a Christmas Party
Town Car Service to the game - compliments of the Concierge
Jarrett taken care of for the night - compliments of Nanny & Poppa (thanks mom & dad)

Overall amazing time to spend as friends - compliments of mr. & mrs us!

Of course we were glad to be home.  However when I asked Jarrett if he had fun or missed us, his reply was, "Mom, next time can you be gone for 5 days instead of 1?"

Yes - our friends were right.  He will be okay without me for a bit.

In fact, he will probably be better - because WE are better.

with love,

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