Saturday, March 3, 2012

Forrest Through the Trees...

Last week it snowed.  Can you believe it?  Almost March and still snow?

Normally I love a little fresh blanket of snow - the prettiness and freshness it has covering the ground still brown with winter dullness.  But this day - it set my mood in the WRONG direction.

I was leaving out of town  - traveling BY MYSELF over the mountains.  That meant that I had to drive long distances in snow and ice.  YUCK.  My stress level was beyond comfortable.  I was debating canceling the trip, just hunkering in and staying "safe".  After all I was already feeling the "mommy guilt" of leaving for a few days - would they be okay without me?  Would Jarrett be traumatized for life because I wasn't there to tuck him in?  But I knew I couldn't do that.  It wasn't the right thing to do.

And just as it always seems to happen - God used this to teach me something.

Amazingly, just as I pulled out from my snowy streets in my neighborhood, down the street, up the on ramp to the freeway.....I see this....

Not a snowflake in sight!

It was as if the sky parted and angels were singing the Hallelujah Chorus.  There was no evidence that snow ever fell at all.  It was sunshine and clear, dry roads.  Incredible blessing I thought.  But then it was as if the the angel trumpets blasted and God spoke in His loud voice,

"Girl, your lack of faith and inability to see things from My perspective crippled you!"  

(yes, sometimes God calls me 'girl' and its those times I really don't like it)

And I thought how true.  We all know the expression, "Can't see the forest through the trees" and in this instance I experienced it first hand with snow.   So many times I don't go where I'm supposed to go or do what I'm supposed to do because my own little world dictates my direction.   I was crippled - not able to move - bound by fear because of a little snow.  As soon as I got above the situation, I could see things for how they really were.

And that is what I must do in life - get ABOVE to get God's perspective.  A FAITH perspective.

When you think about it, how exciting and fulfilling and blessed it is to have the right perspective.  God tells us that our eyes can't see everything He has for us.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him.”  1 Cor 2:9
Only in His vision for our life are all of His blessings fulfilled.  And for me, I'd rather live with my head "in the clouds", having that faith perspective, GOD perspective, than any other view any day.  And while it may be snowing in the situations of life, in my perspective, its sunny out!  Time to get my shades!

with love,