Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It seems like until you are a mommy (pet mommy included), poop was never so important.
  • Is he eating enough veggies? Check the poop!
  • Dehydrated? Check the poop!
  • Did he swallow a coin? Check the poop!

So for the past 24 hours, we've been on poop patrol. Increase fiber - lots of water - looking for that ever elusive coin or toy - foreign object unknown - and nothing. So, off for xrays to see poop from the inside out.....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Breakfast is the Best!

For someone who never really ate breakfast, I am finding that it is the best thing ever. Especially this morning. I had plenty of time - I was up and ready for the day before my baby (a complete miracle in itself)!

Jarrett, still in his PJs, donned his sock monkey apron, climbed up on the stool and was ready to help cook. We cracked eggs (yes, he cracked them too) and watched the goo come out. After a few cheers, (and removing a few shells) we begin to stir. So much joy for a 1 year old to stir his own eggs. "Ya, Ya, Ya!" was all I heard from him between giggles. He loved smashing the yokes, stirring the milk and after mommy helped him "go fast" with the fork, it was "more, more more" (via sign language). We poured the eggs in the skillet. Then it was off to tortillas. Jarrett put the tortillas on the plates, put the cheese on them (took a few bites of both) then we wrapped up our breakfast burritos. Time to eat!

Sitting at the table (not high chair), making sure both mommy and Jarrett had milk to drink, we enjoyed breakfast together. What a lovely way to start our day - we make a good team!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Guilt-Free Mommyhood

Why is it that when you become a mommy, one of the greatest blessings in a lifetime, guilt likes to come along and ruin the moments. It comes from many people, including yourself. Guilt that you are nursing or guilt that you aren't; guilt that you are working or guilt that you aren't; guilt that your child is in daycare or guilt that he isn't. When you are doing work, you feel guilty that you aren't doing some exciting/educational activity with your child. When you are with your child, you feel guilty for the pile of work that is still left to do.....such ugly GUILT! So from now on, I declare, "No More Guilt!"

I was listening to John Maxwell DVD last night and he was talking about cutting out all the non-essentials. So I am cutting out non-essential guilt (which basically means all guilt). Guilt is no longer welcome. The time I spend as mommy is so important that it doesn't make sense to ruin it with guilt.

Every moment I get, I'm going to enjoy. Not worry about what is next on the agenda. Not worry about what is left to do. Just enjoy the moments - each one as they come. Everyday is made up of wonderful moments with the most wonderful husband and little boy God could ever bless me with.

Already I feel great...and am enjoying the best family!