Friday, October 28, 2011

From Pike Place Market - A Must Have
 Just a few weeks ago, I was at Pike Place Market with some friends and I picked up one of my favorite teas.  This really should be a staple in every pantry, especially for fall.

And this week, fall hit hard.  The weather has a bite in it, and so does this tea.  It's all I've been thinking about all day at the office and it's the first thing I made when I got home....

...Shoes kicked off....kettle turned on......and soon I heard the lovely "whistle" the kettle sings when my "heaven in a cup" is ready to be poured.

The orange spice aroma nearly filled the kitchen...mmmmm!

Fall....more warm toasty, tasty drinks.

 The rich, full-bodied italian coffee with an amazing creme.....

....simply divine!

I love roasty toasty things....

.....which makes me miss our real fireplace.

In our old house, (1950's ranch style house)....the fireplace was great.

Not for warming our house - it was really the epitome of form over function.  But the atmosphere it created was warm and inviting.  The smell of real wood burning....the pop and crackle.....the ability to roast a marshmallow in it if you so inclined.  It was great.

But its we have a beautiful home (2010) with a beautiful fireplace that you can turn on with the flip of the switch.

Its pretty and it actually warms the living room....but its not the same.  And tonight driving up to my family's home and smelling their fireplace burning (their REAL fireplace) made me remember ours and miss it.

I think that's what fall is about actually.  Remembering something that is now see that concept everywhere.....the leaves changing and falling...reminding you of summer lost....the flowers wilting...reminding you that spring is over......

but its only a season.... and seasons change.....

so in it, enjoy the things this season brings....

like snuggling by the fire....

like going to the pumpkin patch....

And, like Market Spice Tea and yummy Italian coffee....

with love,

PS....check out the Blog Fall Festival.  There are some amazing blogs to get linked up with....enjoy!


Loving My Family!

The Stone Family - 2011
I hear people say that they have the best family....and I'm sure they do, but they're wrong.  I do.

I do, I do, I do!  My family is hands down the best that there is.

Let's start with my dad.  I remember as a little girl playing with my brother with kids in the neighborhood and finding some screws on the ground.  We insisted that these belonged to "MY DAD" cause he could fix anything.  And its true.  He can find a solution to fix just about anything - it might not be the textbook solution - but it works.  And now, being a married woman to a man who doesn't have this "gifting", it's so much more appreciated.    Love you, Dad!

And then there's my mom.  She will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING for her family.  I know there were countless nights where she would stay up into the wee hours of the night doing projects and crafts for us....wrapping every single stocking stuffer from Santa.....making her infamous blueberry jello salad....and more.  She has a gift - an eye to see things from a creative angle....she takes things from simple and transforms them into magic.  We had the best costumes for Halloween growing up....actually we had the best of a lot...just because of her hard work and amazing talent.  Love you, Mom!

My bros - all 4 of them.  I used to complain to my parents that it was like growing up in a daycare.  They could bug me like no other...but I love them like no other too.  They were all different - yet the same.  Each one has their own amazing characteristics and talents.  Its so fun to see them grow up and start their own families.  Both of my brothers who have gotten married gave me the best sisters.  God is so good at providing just the right spouse when you follow His leading.  That what is so great.  Their spouse is not only the perfect partner for them, but they fit right into our family.  God sure knew what He was doing when he brought Jessica and Lindsey into this family.  Love you Mark, Alan, Kurt and Todd!  And you too Jessica and Lindsey!

Finally, there is my family.  God brought me the perfect man to complete me.   He may not be Bob Villa, but his talents are just as good. Sometimes it seems like you have to wait for things, like marriage and kids, longer than you should have to.  Like maybe God forgot about this for you.  But in each of these areas of my life...its God's miracle working power that prevails.  There are other posts on this blog of the miracle God gave us in having a son so I won't go into that here.  But I will say, "I love you, Jeff!  I love you, Jarrett!"

And as I saw written in every birthday and anniversary card my parents wrote to each other growing up, I'd like to say this to all my family:

"I love you....more than yesterday...less than tomorrow!"

with love,

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's a Pirate Thing...

Ahoy there Matey!   Captain Tessa turned 3 and pirates came from over the seven seas (or 3 cities) to celebrate, Jolly Roger Style!

Captain Jarrett "Sparrow" was amid the crowd of hooligans.

Pirate antics included face painting,a lunch fit for a scurvy dog and of course, cake, presents, and of course....a TREASURE HUNT!

This was truly the most adorable pirate birthday party, designed by a really cool new company, Twelve6 Design.
If you want an amazing party, event, design or anything that is different than the Tri-Cities has ever seen, give Lindsey a call - she can make magic happen!

Here are a few pics from the party.....

They say a picture is worth 1000 the little collage should say a lot.   

Really, I love Lindsey's style - its all of the little touches and attention to details that make great memories.  The toddler party was fun for kids and adults, something that can be hard to come by.  And, it wasn't the crazy, Chuck E Cheese or other "party from a box" ideas that so many people do.  It was original, fun, eventful, and kept the innocence in a 3 year old party.  I love it!  

As said from the story, "How I Became a Pirate", that Lindsey, "She's a digger she it...and a good one to boot!  A GOOD ONE TO BOOT!"

with love, 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Celebrate 2011 - A Time For Me

Being a momma, you can get so busy. Busy doing chores, running errands, working, taking care of your family, doing ministry, and every other demands in your day.

But I learned something this weekend. Let me share.

This week I have been at Celebrate 2011 in Seattle with one of my favorite Pastors of all time, Pastor Wendy Treat. Ever since I first heard her speak when I was attending school at ORU I fell in love with her. I love her spunk, wit, and incredible Godly wisdom. She really is an amazing teacher.

Today I learned that I'm not busy. Our lives can be full but busyness is really undisciplined life. I get to choose what I put in my day and what I say no to.

This is a huge. We can get overwhelmed with all the little details and not see the big picture for the vision of our life and family. It's the daily choices that take us along our our road to our destiny and purpose.

To walk in the fullness of what God has for us we really need to look at 3 things:
1. How we order our day (time management)
2. What we say (Proverbs 20:19)
3. What we think (Rom 12:2)

So this is my confession: no matter how full my day is, I'm not too busy. Too busy for my husband. Too busy for my son. Too busy to share the goodness of God. After all, it's the goodness of God that brings men to salvation.