Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yard Sale

Yard Sale.  Just the term is daunting.  I hate them.  But I hate a garage full of stuff that I never should have bought, yet for some reason at the time thought life would just not be the same without that precious piece of junk that is too priceless to give to the local thrift shop that I have to make a quick buck on it at a YARD SALE****Whew! 

Every yard sale we "swear" is our last one.  Never again.  Yet, this is somehow justified by our moving to a new house so the things that can't find a place in the new house must be sold.

So we start tonight - sorting, pricing, packing up the truck to haul it to a better location to hopefully get more traffic to get a better price.  I hope its worth it.  After all, I'm sure there is another priceless gem just waiting for me that I can get with the proceeds from this sale :)

Happy Shopping!