Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Craft Night

I woke up this morning felling a little crafty.  I had been on Pinterest last night (which I'm just now beginning to see what is with this crazy obsession) and found a very cute graphic which I wanted to use somehow.  

Then - LIGHTBULB!  Christmas Lightbulb that is - Christmas craft night was born.

We started by painting clothes pins red (great for young crafters).

Then I took over by downloading the graphic from the blog adventuresofabettycrockerwannabe that I found on Pinterest.

Put this in a frame with a little hot glue, ribbons and glitter letters.  Add a few Santa pics (yes - it may seem a little weird to have scripture AND Santa.   However to me, this makes perfect sense).

You see, in the center of all of the Christmas hustle and bustle, we have Christ.  He is the reason we celebrate.  We know it is this gift of Jesus that is the greatest gift of all - and we celebrate it wholeheartedly.

But we also like the make - believe part of Christmas.  Santa - the reindeer - the stockings.  All of the things that make are "fun". Yes....  Scripture in the center of Santa pics.
Here is the finished product.  A way to hang the Christmas cards that come in.

So, how do you display your cards?  Leave me a comment or post a link so I can see.   I'd love to see what the really fabulous crafters do to show their Christmas Cheer!

with love,

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