Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee solves it all...

This weekend did not go as planned.   I mean, 'Come On People - its Christmas Party Season!'  However, Jarrett's tummy had other plans Friday morning when he woke up.

There is nothing worse than a sick little boy.  I would rather be sick myself then to have him hurting and nauseous and everything that goes with that.  I have to admit, part of that reason is a bit selfish though....I hate cleaning up "bodily functions".  But the main reason is I hate it when he is crying that his tummy hurts.  I just want to cuddle him and rub it for him.

At one point during the weekend, I found myself feeling a little bummed that all the holiday hustle and bustle had to be postponed.  However this Monday morning, drinking coffee out of my new coffee mug (thanks Mom for my super cool 'just because' mug), I looked on the weekend a little differently.

My "Just Because" Scooter mug - from mom
So, that meant that I had to miss Jeff's Christmas party Friday night.   However, Jeff had fun and came home with gifts - BIG GIFTS!  He won the raffle for a hotel stay at our favorite hotel in Spokane - The Davenport Hotel.  If you've never stayed there or even heard of it, you must check it out here.  And the kicker, we already have a trip planned for going in 2 weeks and now we can stay at a WONDERFUL hotel instead of a Priceline bargain.  So rather than feeling sad I didn't go to the party, I get to have an even better time - Thanks honey for picking the right ticket!

Morning - he woke up feeling good.  We went to basketball, I went to a mother/daughter tea with my mom and sister-in-law, then we all when to see Santa.  It was so precious to me when he asked Santa for a firetruck (especially with the electronic age we are in and his obsession with superheroes).  It was just sweet and innocent.
Night - now Jeff and I were feeling a little rough and called it good night a bit early.
Thanks for the great day everyone - including going to bed a little early!

We woke up to "Mom, my tummy hurts!" - followed by every expression of bodily function.  Here we go again!  So Sunday was slow -  again.  But my parents came by to check on their grandson and pray for him to feel better.  He really does have the best Nanny and Pappa!

The cool thing is that during all of these slow days, I did things that I wouldn't normally do.  And I did them at a slow and steady pace.

I got most of my shopping done - on-line & 1 trip to the store.
I wrapped Christmas presents.
I learned 3 new Christmas songs on my Uke
I spent time snuggling  - A LOT!
I cleaned the bathrooms - A LOT!
I cleaned out the fridge, the microwave and everything else that had the remote chance of spread germs.

So MONDAY morning, I'm now drinking my coffee, reading a few blogs (must read Greta's Picnics in the Park to see their new car - absolutely adorable!) and I hear "Mom, my tummy....."

(wait for it!)


Yea!!!!!  Happy Monday to me!

I think that deserves a second cup of Joe!

with love,

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  1. Oh so glad to hear that the tummy feels super super super good! Its never nice when sickness takes over. And coffee always makes it better! Thanks so much for joining in on our Tag-Along Thursday Blog Hop, i am now following your blog. Em


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