Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby Its Cold Outside


It's cold outside this morning.

....and as is typical, I woke up early - on a holiday - where I could have slept in (at least until I heard the morning cry, "Mom..... MMMMOOOOOOMMMM!  I'm UP!!!!").

but I didn't...I woke up early to a chilly morning....

It's only fall, but today it seems like winter.  The frost on the roof tops, the fog hanging along the hills....its just plain nippy!

and its beautiful....

I just love how the sun peaks its rosy self out through the fog...

its almost misty


it makes me want coffee....

a full sip on and enjoy in this quiet early morning when everyone is still sleeping.

but there is a problem....

Our incredible stove top barista makes only 1 large mug of coffee - we usually split it and each have a small cup.  My husband always gets the coffee ready the night before so in the morning, all we have to do is turn on the stove.  If I drink all that I want, then when he wakes up, he'll be without.

Honestly, the thought does come to me that maybe he won't notice or really want any this morning and I should just have it all.  (I know that is selfish, but I'm just being honest).  

I just can't do it.  Over and over all week God has been reminding me of this verse:

One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.  - Luke 16:10
And I have to ask myself...

am I being faithful with the coffee?  
with honoring my husband?
if I can't be trusted with coffee....what can I be trusted with?

I know that in the whole scheme of life...its just coffee.  But in the whole scheme of how God looks at my life, its a heart condition.  That is what God looks at after all - the heart.  Sometimes I wish He wouldn't, because my heart wants to be selfish.  

I want the coffee all for myself.
I want my day off for do my my pace....for me.  

My day off is really not for me but for me to bless my family in ways that I can't when I have to work.  So, while I can take a moment or two for myself, I really need to bless them.

So, how does this end you ask?

I do take the whole cup of coffee, but I make a new pot just for him.


with love,

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