Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Special Birthdays, Especially

Jarrett's 4th Birthday - 11-17-11
Birthdays are always special in the heart of kids...well, in the heart of adults too!  For me, November is very special.  Not only is it my birthday, but just 3 days later its the birthday to my son.  Nothing makes me happier than to make that day especially special (yes, I did just say that) for Jarrett.

This year was no exception.

Especially Special #1:  (this one is for me)

His last sleep of being 3

Especially Special #2:

Opening 1 gift before school (its so hard to open JUST ONE!)

Especially Special #3:

School on your birthday - mommy helping in class, your snack day, the kids singing to you, you are the line leader - birthdays are really special at school!

Especially Special #4:

Lunch with momma at McDonalds - I'm not sure if I should even admit this, but we realized that for EVERY birthday, we've done lunch at McDonalds.....

Especially Special #5:

Games at Chuck E Cheese  (gotta love the insane-ness of this place - thank goodness we just went for games and not dinner first!)

Especially Special #6:

Licking the frosting from your own birthday cake.  (yes, the frosting is from a can - please don't judge me!)

Especially Special #7:

The joy on my son's face when he opens the rest of his presents.  He gets almost shy and excited at the same time.... even a little embarrassed that the day is about him.  I also love that he loves to play with the same types of toys that his daddy did when he was a boy (Star Wars never gets old) - very nostalgic and heart warming.

Especially Special #8:

Telling him he can make a wish when we blows out the candle...I really want to know what he wished for.

Happy Birthday my Especially Special Big 4 Year Old!  You make the world a better place with everything you are......and, I love you higher than the moon......and back!

with love,

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  1. Happy Birthday Jarrett, sorry we missed it. We love you buddy.


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