Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Fun - Camping

Summer is filled with amazing things; swimming, Farmer's Markets, family picnics and bbq's.  But there is nothing I love more than camping in the summer time.
The day starts early and brisk.  Quite and alone while everyone else is still asleep is a perfect time to catch up on some reading.  And there is something surreal about campfire coffee.  Rich, woodsy coffee that is deep and creamy.  What a way to start out the day.And while I'm still alone, I get to "play" with a bird.  Tossing it grapes that it flies down to take away back to the nest like some exotic treasure

Then there is the fun of camping with a 3 year old.  Everything is fresh and new.  And everything must be done in his boots - green frogs rain boots.  That is ok.  Everything is also explored in his PJs (even with a little crack showing).  That is the fun of camping.  There is no schedule or agenda, no dress code, no worrying about getting dirty.  No texting, cell phones going off, facebook updates, tweets (other than those from the Jays).  Just enjoy nature and each other - spending time loving each other and building memories.  A time to relax, fish, talk, walk, Explore. 

Explore and finding a bow and arrow made from a tree branch.  The arrow really flies and made for so much fun for the whole family.  
We have our favorite place to camp.  La Wis Wis at the base of Mt. Rainier.  Beautiful, surreal, quiet.  Definitely created by God.
I enjoy my time camping with my family.  I hope you do too.

with love,

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