Friday, June 24, 2011

Let the Juicing Begin

It arrived.  My long desired juicer from Breville.    After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I was motivated to start a 10-day juice cleanse.  Truth be told, I need to lose weight; a lot of it.   My knees ache, my feet hurt, my back is sore; I'm sure all from the excess weight.  So for the next 10 days, I will blog about juice.  It might not be exciting for you, but for me it is therapeutic - and accountability.

This is what I'm doing:
Juice only
except breakfast - can make into a smoothy with almond milk.  Staying strictly vegan on this.
If I really need to, will add protein powder to juice to help.

Here we go.....

Day 1:
Harder than I thought.  Breakfast was fine.  Actually really good.  Orange, mango, apple.   Made into smoothy with banana and strawberry.  It really was a good treat.  Lunch was hard though.  I came home from work hungry; very hungry.
Lunch was juice only:  Spinach, celery, ginger, apple, carrot, strawberry.
Taste:  Amazing.  So good.  But its 3pm and I'm hungry again.  I will need to make up extra to have for a snack during the day.

Looking forward to a nice juice dinner.
Oh well, in the words of Joe Gross, "Good atcha for trying".

with love,

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