Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mommy Moment Break - A Golden Parenting Tidbit

I love Twitter.  I feel like I'm connected to the world with my tidbits of news, highlights, events of both friends and media without having to use an hour to watch the news or read the papers, just a tidbit is enough for a busy mom.

One of those tidbits I have to share, because I think this is golden.  It is from one of my favorite women's pastors and authors, Wendy Treat.  You can follow her on Twitter @wendytreat or follow her blog and listen to her podcasts here: Wendy Treat.  This is what she shared:

PARENT WISDOM:  Get up and talk to your kids...no yelling across the room.  Training, loving, raising strong God kids takes face time.

So today, after a very hard day at work, I put it into practice.  It's really not easy - to walk across the house from the kitchen to the bedrooms and tell Jarrett to come have lunch.  I'm shocked at how much of  a "yeller" I am.  And how I notice Jarrett yelling across the house at me.  So I walked into his room when he was yelling something at me and simply said, "we are no longer a yelling family.  We are going to come to the room where the other person is and talk to them.  I won't yell at you and you won't yell at me."  His simple 3 yr old response was, "ok mommy".  And there is peace already (although that could be because he is napping :)  In any case, it doesn't hurt and as fast as these first three years have gone, I need to treasure "face time" for as long as I can.  I hope you do too!

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