Monday, August 26, 2013

The Endless Summer...

I'm a girl that loves fall.  The chill in the air, high school football, boots, change of leaves, pumpkin spice latte.  However, this year, the thought of summer ending and the start of fall is a little bittersweet.  After all, this summer has been amazingly fun.  Camps, VBS, activities, swim lessons, new best friends, camping, vacations....just fun!  So looking out the window and seeing the leaves changing and the rain falling brought on feelings of wanting summer to never end.  But I love fall - why is this so hard when it's normally so welcoming?   Then I realized... this particular season change is big in our family.

My baby starts kindergarten.  

Ok, he's not a baby anymore, but kindergarten?  Real school?  This season seemed such a long time out.  How did it get here so fast?

And if you know me and how I can SOMETIMES wallow in reminiscing.....

But I learned something new.

You see, everyone has 2 lives:  the one you are living and the unlived life inside of you. (Thank you Brian Houston for sharing this tonight at Vision Days).

Ill always have summer, but I won't let it keep me from the season God has for me now.  Nothing will keep this unlived life inside of me from seeing its fulfillment.  

So, kindergarten.... Let's do this!

With love, 
Mommy tam-tam

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