Friday, August 30, 2013

My Happy Place

Do you have that place?  that Happy Place?

For me, its the mountains, in my trailer, no cell phone coverage, with my family.  And in just a few short hours, I will be there.  I just love, long holiday weekends....just for this reason!

Last night, packing up the trailer, even though I was tired and wanted to be done, knowing that soon I would be at my favorite place....

Happy, Happy, Happy.

The trailer is small, but I like that.  Of course, I have a few choice items that are my style.

Paul Frank Magnets on the oven hood

Lodge quilt on our bed, making me believe our tiny trailer is a cabin by the lake

And of course, one of my favorites:  a little something I picked up on a trip to beautiful Leavenworth....
Wood sign hanging on the "living room" wall.

Now, time to jump in the car, turn up the tunes, and head for the hills.......

Happy Camping!

with love,
Mommy Tam-Tam

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