Thursday, February 14, 2013

A little love.....

Life seems to get busier by the minute...when does it slow down???

Babies grow and become toddlers, then preschoolers, then they are reading, telling jokes and having dance parties.

Things I LOVE that I don't want to forget.....  because he's 5 now...but that will only be for a moment!

I LOVE that you call the little swirl in the bathtub as the water drains "tomatoes"
I LOVE that you call my cooking when make broccoli or stuffing "askusting"
I LOVE that you can read
I LOVE that you have a larger than life imagination
I LOVE that you tell me you love giving me hugs (I will remind you this when you are 15 and no longer 5)
I LOVE that you when you wrestle Daddy, you want to know that I'm rooting for you
I LOVE that your favorite drink is water and "frawberry milk"
I LOVE having dance parties with you...and realize that your dance moves are better than mine
I LOVE the tiny freckle on your ear
I LOVE how excited you get with little surprises
I LOVE that you are my son, my miracle from God, and nothing, including how time moves so quickly will ever change that.

Happy Valentines Day Jarrett!  

with love, 
Mommy Tam-Tam

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