Wednesday, January 4, 2012

just feeling a little CANDID....

Happy New Year!

It's January 4th.  I know it's late, but truth be told I have been struggling with this post for quite some time.  You see I had hopes of writing a lovely, INSPIRING post right before the end of 2011.  With all of the incredible things that happened in the year tied together with a heart warming revelation on SOMETHING.

That didn't happen.

Then, I thought I'd redeem myself with a post to start out the new year with GREAT INSPIRATION - challenging myself and others to be a better mom, a better wife, a better person.

That didn't happen.

As a blogger, (if I can even call myself that), I really felt in the past few weeks I've had nothing to say.  Instead, I've just been living life.  The holidays.  My family.

But then I thought, That is what blogging is all about - at least my blog.

To record my life.

Just like this old picture of me as a little girl (circa 197? - courtesy of my Aunt/Uncle).  I love this picture.  Just a tiny clip.  But to me, it says so much.  I remember this trunk.  And I love the expression of joy on my face.  What was I looking at?  who knows.  Probably my parents.  Or someone just being silly.

And I realized that pictures can speak more than I can most times.

That is why I love them - especially candids.  It tells the story of my life.  Tells the story of my son's life.

Like when we went to the pumpkin patch.....   I love his crazy expressions of happiness too.  Like sometimes when he is almost embarrassed at how excited he is.

Or his superhero birthday....  Where their mission was to battle the bad guys and rescue the stuffed animals....

Along with precious moments, like his 1st day of Preschool....curly hair and all...

or Easter - having fun with his cousin waiting for the egg hunt to begin...

So it's these times that aren't planned, that are captured in the moment, that inspire me.

What an amazing gift I have being a parent.  It's not easy - some days are really challenging.  But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Without it, Easter egg hunts, pumpkin patches, birthday parties and 1st days of school would all be just a fleeting memory.  Maybe captured in old film of some sort.

But with it.....a LIFE!  my life.

One that I am forever grateful to God that He blessed me with.


with love,

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