Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walking for a Cause

This last weekend, our church sponsored a benefit walk/run for an orphanage we are building and supporting in Indonesia.  It was one of the funnest fundraisers we've done in a long time.

This race wasn't competitive - just a fun event for lots of friends and family to come out and participate. And come out we did....over 100 walkers/joggers.  It was a blast! 

Jarrett buckled up on the jogging stroller for his "run".  He was excited to be part of it!

Even a clown on a unicycle joined it!  How fun!

Miles for Mercy Benefit Walk/Run - 2011

Our family completed the race with great success (a whopping 24 min - yes, a "leisurely walk").  And we raised over $8000 for the orphanage - an even bigger success!

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