Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Urban Farming = Life Lesson

It started as a little project one Saturday afternoon.  Daddy's trip to Home Depot for lawn supplies ends up bringing back a little kid's greenhouse.  Just a few tomato and pepper seeds in a little plastic greenhouse - it was fun "planting" the seeds in the tiny dirt discs and watering the plants with an eye dropper.  Neither Jeff nor I really thought it would grow, let alone turn into a garden - but it did.

So the little plants grew and grew and outgrew their tiny pots - so we replanted them into a window pot and put in on the back deck.

I made little garden markers to identify which plants were which.  And Jarrett, daddy and mommy faithfully watered the "garden" every day.

This weekend, we discovered the fruit of our labor. - TOMATOES!

They are small and they are still green, but we never thought that planting little seeds in June would amount to real tomatoes.

The peppers starting blooming white tiny flowers its possible that we might actually get a little harvest.  

It just goes to show you that no matter how small you may be or how late you start, God's laws of sowing and reaping are true.  Sometimes as a mom you think that you aren't making any progress or little impact in the lives of your kids.  That's not true.  Every "seed" produces fruit.  Just have patience and trust in God to bring the increase.

Paul says it here, "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase" (1 Cor 3:6)

God's Word can't return void, so keep speaking it over your family, keep speaking it over your own life.  The demands of just living can sometimes overwhelm - but stay focused on the Word of God and His promises for your life.  This will produce the greatest "harvest" for you and your family.

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