Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Independence Day 2011


This year I wanted Jarrett to learn about Independence Day - not just the date, 4th of July, but the meaning behind it.  So we had a history lesson and I taught him how our founding fathers had to fight for our freedom.  Explaining freedom to a 3 year old is not easy - but he now knows that we can pray and worship and live the life we want because someone gave up something for us.  Just like Christ, our freedom is the best blessing we can have.  

Like every history lesson, crafts make them fun.  Especially when candy is involved.  So we made paper rockets filled with candy and tissue fire blasters that we could give as gifts to our friends and family to celebrate our freedom.  And of course, we displayed our rockets with all the pomp and circumstance we could drum up in our underwear.  Uncle Sam was made with a cotton beard and glitter stars to hang from the window.  All in all, it was a good decoration to remind us of our freedom.

And what celebration isn't complete without family BBQs and fireworks.  We started the day at the river (after a long, long trip to get there because we were too "smart" to download directions for the park) with some great friends, Matt and Stacy and their parents.  And of course Zachy the dog (very big dog) that Jarrett "still members that doggie".  It was the perfect day enjoying good friends and food.  I think I must have been in a food coma as the camera didn't come out once for that part of the day.  I mean, have you eaten Joanne's chocolate chip cookies?  You would be in a food coma also.  
Thompson Cousins 2011

Then, off to BBQ #2 with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  Again, more food than should be consumed even on a holiday.  Activities included swimming, fun on the playground, but the event that stole the show was the fireworks.   

Pop-its, sparklers, piccolo petes, hens-n-chicks, tanks, fountains.  You name it, we lit it.  The "men" were like boys at Christmas at the fireworks stand deciding exactly what we needed for a perfect show.  And they had to lay out everything in a good order, organizing the show.  The kids of course didn't care about order and just wanted to pick out what was next. 

But the one who ended up ruling the show was Aunt Rochelle. She took control of the "fire" and lit almost all of the fireworks. Simply brave and amazing!  I admire that woman with no fear of explosives :)

All in all it was a great day.  And I love my little Firecracker boy!  He wasn't born on the fourth of July, but he has the appreciation of our freedom just the same!

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