Monday, January 4, 2010

The Daniel Fast

Fasting. Some people love it and some hate it. I'm not sure what category I'm in yet but after 21 days we will see. Today is Day 1 of our 21 day Daniel Fast and while I'm enthusiastic about what God is going to do, the hunger has just now hit and I have nothing prepared to munch on. Maybe that is why it is called fasting...not so much that I have limited foods to choose from but that I have to sacrifice myself in order to see what God wants.

Pastor gave us some scriptures last night and I am looking forward to being able to sit down after Jarrett is asleep tonight and study a little. I definitely have some very high personal expectations that I want break through in but I want to jot those down and be specific so when I pray it is specific. Myself, my family; every part of me needs breakthrough it seems like. So besides the food, I have also decided to fast stress. I can feel it come on me so quickly and immediately I go to a place that just makes it worse. So, I have to fast stress. That might mean telling people no from time to time. That is ok.

So for now...Day 1, The Daniel Fast...let's get the party started!

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