Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daniel Fast, Days 2 & 3

The Daniel Fast, Days 2 & 3. The challenge for me has been not the food, but the time and energy to prepare it. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking, but figuring out what to cook, to have enough left overs for the next days lunch and yet provide a balanced meal for my little guy...the time to do that I could be praying. But I think once I get a system down, things will mellow out. Thank you Stacy for the idea of smoothies. I forgot how much I love them. Its amazing how much a bananna will fill you up when blended together with other fruit. This has been my breakfast savior!

Beside the food, already God is dealing with me on things that need to be stripped down from my life. For one, the way I handle stress and pressure lately is awful. It's hard to believe that the stress monster within me still lives...I hate it. So by Day 2, 1 ugliness revealed....not sure I want to see how much more there is. But the end result will be good. I love what Pastor Ryan said from Prov 3 that the reward will be wisdom, understand and how priceless it is for our life. It will be priceless to have that stress monster good ridenance! Off with the old and on with the new!

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