Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fruit Fly - Bye Bye

Has anyone else had issues with fruit flies over the last month?  It seems like the cycle is never ending.

Our house has been inundated with them for weeks.  I've never been able to get rid of them completely.  Even when we totally rid our house of fruit - those little @$&*%'s still stuck around.

There is something very disgusting about flies of any type.  To me, it makes my house seem dirty - no matter how much I clean, they are still around and contaminating my counters and anything left on them.  You can't walk in the kitchen without swooshing away at some invisible creature that just dive-bombed your head.  Annoying?  Absolutely!  In fact, these tiny creatures are so powerful in their annoyance, that there is website after website on ways to get rid of them.  There is even a website dedicated to them and named after them.  Really?!?  Does something so small deserve a .com?

This last weekend, we had a birthday party at our house.  And, as has been the case the last few weeks, the unwanted, uninvited pests were there.  I was really embarrassed that I was having to swoosh plates of food from our guests to try and rid them of the little devils.  My sister-in-law, Lindsey, quickly told me of a sure-fire way to rid them for good.  

The good news?  


Here it is:
Bye Bye Fruit Fly Solution

Pour apple cider vinegar in a shallow dish with several squirts of dish soap.  
Leave this on the counter overnight and be rid of them for good.

I was so excited to try this experiment, I started right then - party going on and all.  Within minutes, my little dish was swarming with flies (uck!).  By morning, ALL GONE!  Somewhere between 30 to 50 little guys were "drowned" in my Bye Bye Fruit Fly Solution.  Its been 5 days and not a sign of a single fruit fly.

Thank you Lindsey!  

For all of you out there battling the same thing; try it, you won't be disappointed.

with love,

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