Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Remember this?

From this post earlier this summer?

Were you wondering what was inside?

It has taken me WAY longer to share this than I had anticipated, but wait no further....

Letter from Grandma Stone

Parent's Magazine 1949
If you know my Grandma Stone, you know she was famous for those black sharpie markers on everything...and I do mean EVERYTHING.

  • Her tupperware were all marked "Doris Stone" in black sharpie.

  • Things were removed from their original packaging and placed in other packaging with the appropriate label in black sharpie.

  • Nothing stayed in its original packaging.  Why it had to be moved, I'll never know.  But I do know that at times, it was a painful lesson to learn for some of us.  Like the time my dad took a big drink out of the apple juice jug without first looking for the black sharpie label of "fish oil".  

Yes, black sharpie = my Grandma Stone.

Looking through this envelope was no fish oil experience however.  It was great.  A letter she had written me, who knows how long ago; and how I got it is still a mystery.  But the letter went on to tell of her birthing story with my dad.  The doctor's name, what she was doing that day, all the little details.  Such fun.  And then, this amazing magazine from 1949.  I subscribe to this magazine today, so it was so cool to think that she read the same magazine I did.  This issue was a gift from the nurse, it was inscribed on the back flap.

Reading this was fun.  Not much has changed in 63 years.

There are still adds for baby food (although I don't think you could find this "flavor" today)

Stroller Envy?  Yep, even in 1949.

Cloth diapers were chic back then (or were they the only option?)

A little friendly competition between parents?  You bet!

And, lastly, one of my absolute favs.....amazing article!

They definitely got this one right!  Makes me sad for the "fatherless generation" we seem to be living in now.

Thanks Grandma Stone for this amazing surprise.  What an amazing treat to stumble across when we were cleaning the garage.    Yes, "the garage".  Fitting.  If you are a Stone, you'll understand.

with love,


  1. Oh my goodness! Didn't know this about my birth. Thank you Tammy for such a wonderful blog today. You are such a gifted person.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I thought you sisters would like this!

  2. Thanks, Tammy! I remember mother telling me about Carl coming bum first, and also about the doctor wanting to take a vacation so induced Barbara way too early - nearly killing her. Surprised she had so many babies - but glad she did!

    Yup, I brought lots of "Doris Stone" black-felt-pen-labeled stuff to Africa. But, hey, we are today because of her. I'm sure she's been given the Top Cleaning Lady position in heaven. (<:)


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