Thursday, July 1, 2010

the Stork arrives

Friday morning we got the call early- Postmaster says the chicks are in.  So I quickly get dressed and Jarrett and I head over to pick up our girls.  As soon as we get inside the post office, we hear "peep peep peep".  Its so adorable.  Everyone on the place is excited about the new little chicks; wanting to know what kind they are, how many, what we are going to do with them, etc.  Its so fun.  I must say that I was suprised to see what a small box they were in.  I expected something better and better to mail chickens I guess.

We get them home, get our "broader" (a.k.a., rubbermaid tote) set up and the chicks get in.  They are adorable, tiny, fluffy, so cute for only a few days old.  The temperature is set just right, we tip each beak in water so they will start drinking, and the mother begins.  So much can go wrong with these little gals.  I've heard horror stories, and the thought of losing even 1 is devistating.  So I'm watching them constantly.  One starts to choke, so I am quickly there to help and keep this one alive.  So glad I was there.  Had I been away, I think we would have lost that one.

That afternoon, I bring a few inside to take some pictures.  Baby chicks pics - gotta love it!

We had to order a larger quantity than we wanted, so little by little the other chicks have gone to their new homes.   And over these two weeks, it is so amazing to me to see the rapid growth and development of these little girls.  Whoever said that "life was short" must have had chickens.  Already they are 3 times their size.  they have feathers on their tails and wings and are starting to get them all over.  The soft dewy down feathers are quickly disappearing.  The girls are becoming ladies right before my eyes.  Lets just hope that they are all ladies - no roosters please!

So, now just to find homes for 3, maybe 4 more. 

Next project:  chicken coop.

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