Monday, June 14, 2010

the girls are coming...the girls are coming...

This Friday is the big day - the girls are coming!  20 little chicks are in the mail.  Yes, I ordered from a hatchery and now day old chicks will be at my doorstop in just a few days.  I can hardly contain myself.

At first, I wasn't sure about how this would work - mailing chickens.  But I guess it does, they have a system.  And what brought me to this decision?  Seeing a very nasty farm locally that was selling chicks and realizing I just wanted to start fresh - from the egg.

So now I wait - and just like an expectant mother, am nesting.  I have my little "broader" (chick cage) all set up with feed, waterer, heat lamp, thermometer.  I have the coop on order from a nearby wood worker.  I have a plan laid out for The Urban Peep farm in the backyard.  I have notified my neighbors that the chicks are coming.  Now just need the chicks.

So when they arrive, this chick mamma will be posting baby pics.  Stay tuned!

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