Thursday, May 13, 2010

...take the time....

As if life isn't crazy enough, getting news that you have to do something on your Saturday, right in the middle of the day, your only day off, is not the news you want. Especially if you've had something planned for over a month at the exact same time, especially if that something was getting your hair done. Being a working mommy takes serious coordination to get personal things done. Its been 4 months since I had my hair done for just this very reason. So when I found out I had to cancel, it was like a bubble was burst before my very eyes. I wanted to cry. 3 inches of grow out and frumpiness is beyond frustrating and the thought of having to wait one more day is beyond comprehension.

So I cried. And I vented. And I took a the mailbox. And I discovered beauty and rest in this beautiful spring day. Flowers along my house that I see every time I rush here or there, but somehow forget to stop and enjoy. So now I stop. Now I enjoy.

The tiny bell-shaped lilies that my mom always says reminds her of her grandmothers house, a nostalgic moment for her. A French tulip, that has held onto life beyond the expected, as if to say that she was here just for me to enjoy today, when I needed to enjoy something in life. And the Clematis that graces my kitchen window with a distinguished arch. The same Clematis that I can see from my make-shift office when I want to sit and get more sun than my normal office allows. The same Clematis that I cringe when I see my husband "trimming" with the weed eater to save time.....yes time. Time that is so dear and I have so little of. Time which is more precious than wealth, especially when you look in your 2 year old's eyes and realize that the baby you held just yesterday is now grown into a young man beyond his years.
So although I lose my Saturday, I choose to enjoy my day today. Not to waste a moment of time. Even the walk from the mailbox back into my house.

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