Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gaining Wisdom...

This week, I've been given a little wisdom.  Specifically, two thoughts that have kept me from doing....well just about any dream I've had.

1.  Linking Negative Events.  What kept Lewis and Clark motivated and ultimately successful on their mission?  They never linked negative events.  Looking back, I've linked negative things together each day.  Giving them power in my life that they never should have had or even been able to obtain on their own.  It was me, not the event, that held me back.

2.  Favor.  Yes, I have favor almost daily.  Again, how I see it determines how it impacts me.  Most of the time, I pass right over it; not recognizing favor for what it is.  Lucky, coincidence, or just ignorance is many times how things are seen, if they are seen at all.  But its favor and every time I'm thankful for it, appreciate it, it spurs me on to more.

Little things, big things.  Introductions.  Relationships.  Ideas.  Parking spaces.  Hugs.  Insight to hearts.  Smiles.  Friends.  Career.  School.  Memory verses for the Little that remind me of this favor.

O Give Thanks To the Lord, for He is Good. - Psalm 188:1


Who knows, someday that book that I want to read just may be written.

with love,
Mommy Tam-Tam

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